How To Use Spreadsheet?

Hello…Please guide me…how to use spreadsheet?
I wan to get data, Delete data, set sell, update data like this…

please Any one explain…

Hey buddy, you can use Spreadsheet component to CRUD (Create Read Update & Delete ) data on your google spreadsheet from your app. First, you have to create an API endpoint. Here is the step by step guide to create API endpint, watch this tutorial video

Rest the blocks are simple and easy to use. Explore the component a bit and try to CRUD data, and if you have any query feel free to ask


@tanishraj but I dont know how to use there componate for calling data from spreassheet…please guid me


BROTHER , im getting this error while using spreadsheet. i tried whatever u said in the video.

How to store data to Google sheets? Please upload test apk files and aia files thank you!

Hi all!

I am trying to upload data to google sheets but i have no idea how i’m supposed to do it.
This is what i’ve tried:


What exactly you want to achieve, i mean that what kind of data you want to upload


Well the user enters it’s name in a dialog and then i want that name to be uploaded to My spreadsheet.

Then i guess you should not use this block
You should only one

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@Sketch See this Video


Thanks @iaditya_nanda .
I did look at the video and ended up with these blocks:
But this still throws a “runtime error” and nothing else

What’s the error, will you please show it to us

There is no error

Try on companion and show us the error message,
But it should work…

Iv’e tried using the companion but it keeps staying stuck 41% for the last 2 days :confused:

Once try after clearing cache of your companion

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Thanks id did that and it worked.
sadly it still shows an “Runtime Error” with the message “undefined”

Show full error

This is the full error.

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