How to use paytm component

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This is a small guide on how you can use paytm component of niotron for take payments from the users of your app. It’s super easy to use and setup, i have also provided a test aia so that you can have a look and understand the working more accuretly.

Now, for initiating payment, we need to create checksum. So i have written a very simple php codes by taking help from paytm checksum codes provided on paytm docs to generate the checksum and get reuired details in return. The server code actually returns all required data need to initiate payment using paytm component. You can get the codes from my github account.

You’ll get a detailed explanation on my blog on how to download and host checksum codes on your server/hosting.

:large_blue_circle: Server response

parse JSON response using ‘JSON text decode’ block of Web-Component & store it in a global var named ‘server_respopnse’.

:black_square_button: Pay Now Button

As you can see, on click of Pay Now button, i’m feeding all required info to the paytm component’s ‘Start Payment’ block. It opens paytm gateway window on your app as you can see in screenshot-3

Once the payment process is done, it fires the ‘Transaction Response ‘ event block of paytm component. From there you can check the status of the Payment. Yoy can check screenshot -4 for this.

:framed_picture: Screenshots

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Download Test AIA : paytm-component.aia (73.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing this valuable guide :innocent: …but can anyone change the amount of web response by overwriting it ???

It is not possible to change amount, if anyone try to change amount by sending a new request then a new checksum will be generated and checksum mismatch error will occur and lead to transaction failure

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Wohoo! This guide is interesting :grinning:

Let me check it and will update you the status

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When I used Paytm components,
Jab payment page par jate hai tab Mid, order I’d, website sab kuch ok dikhata hai lekin checksumhash par cross ban jata hai… Or payment done nahi ho pati.
Me checksum generate karna chahta hu, ussi ka solution bta do

Link error " You’ll get a detailed explanation on my blog on how to download and host checksum codes on your server/hosting" Please fix this