How to use Multiple FAB in one screen?

I want to use multiple floating button on my screen for diffrent tasks like share , download , exit etc.

can someone Help ?

Hello @tom1010 !
Welcome to Niotron,
Have you checked these

@tom1010 Use this extension specially made for niotron by krish

Ya I tried 1st one that gives error and another one is not available to download anywhere

Ya i tried this extension but its not working maybe i am doing something wrong

I don’t think so you’ll be able to make multiple with this extension

so is there any way because in kodular we can do it without any extension and it is pretty easy to do

Actually I don’t use k0dular, therefore i don’t have it’s any knowledge

It’s working fine I can make multiple FAB

See this


Multiple_FAB.aia (12.2 KB)

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Awesome work @iAditya-Nanda, i guess you should make a new guide for this specially

What is this then? :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean a topic as no one will find posts in a topic instead they’ll try to find it asa topic