How to use Get property and set property in dynamic component extension

Help me to use like this

How to change spinner font size with this ? Help me please

What do you want to achieve ? Have you gone through the docs of the extension

In name = Fontsize
Value = any number (number in blue block)

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Every property. I want every property . I tried like Color, BackgroundColor,Text, etc and its work I knew that . But it doesn’t work with lineSpacing, and so many properties so I want know all the properties who’s are really works .:hugs:

See we can here help you if you are stuck but if you wanna to know about all the properties then please go through the documentation of the extension

use set property and add properties in dictionary format

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@Curious it’s not posible !

Why ?
Font size increase no block present in the spinner component .

You can use set property block under any component.