How to use Facebook bidding?

Please help me, I want to know how to use facebook bidding (mediation) in niotron. Please make a tutorial video on it if possible.

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A Guide will be released soon.
Till we release docs on bidding integration, you can get help from this blog of @tanishraj


Also waiting for guide thanks, its awesome platform now…

I have question, will we have to add iron source ads component also ??

Yes If you are Using Mediation from Ironsource

we also have to set, in iron source website :slight_smile: like ( bidding setting with facebook ads network)

Ads is not showing i followed tutorial as mentioned above,
ironsource account got approved but still impression is not coming only getting ads requests

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I thing … iron source website was doing some update, so now thy are replying.

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Facebook Audience Network showing 18k Ads request and 0 impressions in Performance overview. No ads showing in app after updating to play store but showing ads on test device and test mode.
Please help me.

This link is not working.
Kindly guide me about bidding setup