How to use Downloading progrss

this is the screenshot and photo of my blok and apk…downloading progress is not showing in my percentage text and also not showing in linear progressbar…that was showing is indetermination on @tanishraj

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No don’t set progress like that wait let me share some blocks ok

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ok kindly share me i will thankful

Ok you need to wait ok I am not at my home I will try to do ity phone

it is working or not…kindly notify otherwise i will find another method

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The component works properly.

can you show me in block…i already waste 2 hr

@OdiaTech_Center SorryFor very much delay
here are the blocks use them ok


can you give me your aia …this is also not working

Set intermediate to false and set Max progress to 100.

Already tried this…and kindly visible my building app error query.

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Send your AIA file

You have to share the AIA file then only I can tell something…

Test_1.aia (2.1 KB)

This is a big project i develop …so i thing aia sharing will be uneasy for. kindly guide me what would i do

Please wait for my response.