How to use download component?

can anyone one tell me how i use niotron download component?

which component you talking about ???

““Download Component””

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You can try like this… in below blocks-of-code i’m trying to download an image from google drive link.


Please how to set up download url if the file is uploaded to assets?


Do you want to download from Assets


Yes and I don’t know how to set up the download url

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Try with the given solution.

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I have gone through this solution before I posted, my problem is that how to write file url when the file is uploaded to assets?

So you want to download/copy file form apps assets to another directory on users device!
Try this file extension of taifun

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I checked the extension but honestly I don’t know how to get it to work.

in kodoolar, you just need to name the file.

You can’t use download component if your want to save a file form assets to a different directory of the device…

Can you explain, what you exactly trying to do?

  • Are you willing to save apps assets to different directory of device?
  • Are you willing to download a file from internet to a specific directry?
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I am a newbie in app development, I want to develop offline wallpaper app.

I want to use only 10 images

I use 10 image components in vertical scroll arrangement and set them visible

I also use one image component which I set as invisible.

One fab (floating action button) for download, I set it invisible.

In my blocks I arranged it as

When image1 click set vertical scroll arrangement visible to false
Set image11 visible to true
Set image11 height and width to 100
Set image11 picture mypicture.jpg
Set fab visible to true.

When fab click call downloader start downloading image11 picture

I hope you understand, please if there is any simpler way I can do this please help me

Use Copy block of taifun file extension, and copy the images from apps assets to any directory (say Download ) of the users device.

Okey thanks I will try it.

I’m grateful

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