How to use curl

How to run this curl in niotron

curl -X POST’ \

-H ‘X-Client-Id: {{client id}}’
-H ‘X-Client-Secret: {{client secret}}’
-H ‘cache-control: no-cache’

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There are some curl to block converter tools

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I have tried these convertors but it,s not working

Please show your blocks

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Generated from
You can download the image and and can import it in your builder by drag and drop

Generated by the tool created by @HritickR

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Use these Blocks and replace the text with original value


I have tried all this and my block are exactly same as mentioned above but not workin, it was showing the error that use of https method Then I tried post text post text then it was working better then the error was client I’d missing.

@Horizon Check the Url… both are wrong…
The url of the first method starts with %E2, which is obviously wrong
The url and also the other parameter start with a single quote, which should be removed

@Pochinobo please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks… abd naje szrd to remove the curly brackets for client id and secret