How to use close screen

i’m little confused how to use close screen in niotron… i used same way was i used in kodular…

first way…


second way…


First way doesn’t work properly only screen blink but can’t open while second is work perfectly but…

i heard close screen is good practice when we moving to another screen so in that case no background process is running and we can avoid app crashing issues…

If you want to close screen then just need “close screen” block in button

If you want to open another screen on button click then use “open another screen with screen name (screen2)” block

This is the use of both the blocks

Close screen will move you back to last screen where you put a block to open current screen :slightly_smiling_face:

When we open next screen it is good habit to close current screen, Kodular said. By doing this no background running process…

If you go next screen without closing current screen than sometimes app crash if you have 3-4 screen…

Hmm, now this is the difference of kodular and niotron… kodular support both of them but niotron can’t

First app won’t crash

Secondly assume one app having high length of list, assume 100 ,for user it takes 10 to 15 sec to load whole list (values / data) then on list item click it will open another screen to play a song , now with your first method if my home screen stops running then if I press back and open home screen then again I have to wait for 10 to 15 sec to load that list but if I use close the screen block then I won’t kill home screen and go simple back and continue from the last saved data this is the difference

second way is not good the first one is ok

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app won’t crash… sound goods…Thanks… :grinning:

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Close screen should be called first in if block.
Then call open another screen.



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