How to use Close Application block

Look at my video and block…i checked everything …it is not working

It happens because you are not closing screens properly and there are multiple instances of same screen

Always prevent having multiple instances of same screen

Multiple instances mean…guide me in to close application

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this is total block on this screen

By multiple instance I meant
You are Starting Screen2 from screen1 without closing screen1, then again starting screen1 from some other screen, which is creating screen1 2 or more times.

ooh…then what i will do…

Make it proper,close one screen while opening other is you are opening screen1 back from other Screen. And close screen1 while opening other screen

ok …i will try and get back to you

@OdiaTech_Center first tell me how you are giving start value and from which screen ?

screen1 starting
screen 2 home
screen 3 books

i use close application block in screen2 but it is not working as u can see same activity happening. There is so-many block so i think it is not working so i doing a another thing when backpress in screen 2 send a value in screen 1 and close application…this is making for in screen1 there is few block

Share this Block Where you send value ?
Or you can also share aia if you want

i understand your words but i am confused how to apply it…if you mean like this…then it will not working

show me in block how to solve it

forgate those block,when not working i try that method…actually this is what i need

Try this:

In this way, only one screen is open at a time.


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