How to upgrade please help me

i m not enable to monetize .please fix it

  1. Go to the builder
  2. In the left side of the project list you will see the methods for upgrading your monetization
  3. Click check out
  4. You will be redirected for checkout
  5. Fill out the fields and checkout

That is not working. I tried several times to “Upgrade plan” for enabling the monetization pack but after clicking on the Checkout button it is simply showing a blank page. You should have tested it thoroughly before making the update live for the main builder.

We’ve tested it in the beta before, let me check what’s the issue currently

Okay, please check and fix it

not working please fix it soon

new store not working please fix it… I need publish new update, without ads it is impossible

no u can update or publish your app without ads

:smiley: and how I can make money without ads?

no u can make without ads

The issue should be resolved now

clear your browser cache…after clear your browser cache you see the issue is resolved. :laughing:

thank you.

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Same here. Unable to upgrade. when I click on checkout. I get following error


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It is not really resolved. It is showing an error now after clicking on the “Checkout” button.

i am not able to upgrade my account ! Please Help !!