How to store airtable data in tinydb and then show in listview

I store data in airtable, and get in list view. Firstly I want to store all data in tinydb and then it show in list view.
Because airtable data load too slow and every time when user come it load.

You can use MySQl or firebase they both are fast…

But I comfortable in airtable.
Can you show block in airtable

basically i dont know AirTable so i can’t help you in this
I’m SORRY for this

At first simply call your all data from airtable and store it in a variable and show it in your list when you want.
screenshot - 2021-11-25T201634.720

This is my block, I have use 2 airtable and different data call on it,. How to use tinydb. Please if you show block it’s have very helpful for me…

PM me your aia file. I will solve your issue.

thanq very much

ic.aia (62.2 KB)

Check it, I Hope It will Help You

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Bhaiji app to sahi se work kr rhe but data fast load nahi ho rha hai

Try Airtable encode method to get data loading fast from airtable.