How to start bidding facebook + admob

I want to start Bidding with admob but i want to use facebook ads component in my app becouse if i use admob ads component in my app and then admob put adlimit on my account then i am unable show ads

I want to ask if this is posssible in niotron then plese tell me block
please add this feature in niotron admob + facebook biding with facebook ads component

Check community :upside_down_face: @App_Maker for how to do bidding integration

Sir i know to how to use bidding with admob ads component but i want to bidding with facebook ads components

becouse if admob put adlimit then facebook ads also not come thats why i want to use facebook ads component

You can create ads Dynamically using extension

If the admob limit is there then use only Facebook ad IDs and if not then use bidding ids