How to show image in html text please help me

i want to show image in text like this .please help me

There is no way to do it directly with the Label component since it does not support HTML image tags. I believe there is a way using dynamic images, but it’s kinda complicated.

You might want to try loading the HTML using a WebViewer?

yes i want to use webviewer

Uh, “might want to use” as in “use it”, it’s just a rhetorical question.

I think Niotron has some blocks to load HTML in a Web Viewer. If not, use this.

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is it your extension?then why u dont recommend this?

Just use default code.
Or you tried it already and it didn’t work?

it is not loading smoothly

You should have mentioned it earlier…
Anyway, I think there is nothing to be done about it. If the image is in your server, try to reduce its size using online tools. Sometimes you can reduze 50% of the size without losing quality.

Or the images are in user’s phone?

i want to make offline story app .so i want to use some images in html text .i tried this but it is taking more time to load webview bcz of images which i have used in the story

If the images are in user’s phone they should load almost instantly. Send an apk so we can test it here…

Yes, but I do not support this extension anymore. It should work fine though.