How To Set Wallpaper On Home Screen

Please Tell Me How To Set Wallpaper On Home Screen

I Used Set Wallpaper – This Will Set Wallpaer On Both Place Home Or Lock But I Only Want To Set WallPaper On Home Screen

First set the wallpaper then save it

Means Like That

1st remove the error, else it’s okay

This Block Only For Ask
Ok I Will Try It

Yes do that

I tried This Block But Same Thing Happend Wallpaper Is Set On Both Place Home Or Lock

Here are some extensions with which you can work

This Extensoin Not Work With URL :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Then first of all download the image to specific path and then set the wallpaper using it, from path only

Showing This Error


Please Fix Wallpaper manager Bug
its an Humble Request :pray: :pray:
@Horizon @iAditya-Nanda (If You Know The Staff Mamber Of Niotron )Then Please Tell About This Bug
I Am Unable To Change Topic Category
If You(@Horizon @iAditya-Nanda) Say Then i can create a another topic for that in bug category

It’s Staff dear​:slightly_smiling_face:

Wait for @iAditya-Nanda’s response

And I guess @Anke(Sorry for tagging) can help you better than us in this matter

Ok I Changed It

@The_Lost_Creator Can you share aia i also have made a wallpaper app in Niotron and it’s also available on Playstore as well

Here are my blocks

What exactly he’s willing to do is, he want to set the wallpaper only at home screen not at lock screen

Did you tried my blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yaa It works But Now Problem In Lock Screen Wallpaer

Can You Show Lock Screen Wallpaer Block
Lock Screen Wallpaper Problem— Some Time Wallpaer Is Change Or Some Time Not

Sorry I Just Remaber That I used A paid extensoin on it Recycler view By Summit
I Cant Send Aia But I can Share My Block

I Used But SomeTime Block Set On Both Screen Home or Lock