How to set mopub native to medium size?

I try to set mopub native to 210 / 220 / 240 still not covered.
It get crop.
I use to use mopub native in 210 height size. After update its size increase.
Almost half of the mobile size is covered.

Because earlier it was only supported to show Facebook ads with bidding, now it supports mopub original native ads too so when mopub ad is show instead of Facebook ad, it takes it space. But about
300 px should work. Image would get small according to it.

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previous it was showing facebook ads, that also facebook bidding. That was good.
300 px is too much

Image can get more small, but it is not getting small, it get crop from top and bottom. Please do some thing if you can.
220 to 240 is good.

Did mopub reactivate your account ?

No new account, with another g mail.

It would still show, but it wasn’t showing mopub ads, and gave less fill rates to some people, so now it won’t give less fill rate.

Can you show a image?

But resize option should be there, as i can not go less then 300px. it get crop from top and button. Ok i will show screen shot

It can not be dynamic because mopub needs XML to create mopub native ad view, and XML cannot be dynamic.
In facebook, it’s dynamic and automatically adjusts size.

Give a solution so that , we can use it, because it cover a large area. and it was a ( facebook native ads.) still now as test ads i dint get any mopub ads.
As mopub ads will show less may be 10% in bidding , so will like to show only facebook ads.

If it cant auto adjust, can it be fix to 220px height or 240px height. can it be like that.

Old ads aren’t removed, nor the size is changed, only if mopub ad is shown then the size is needed to be increased. And I don’t find it too big, as a native ad it looks perfect.

Can you send image, so it can be bit clear?

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As a native ad default size,it looks fine



One with 300px

I dont use in list view, as i use direct in app so it cover much height for me.

I off mopub nativ ads. active only facebook bidding still.
In 240 px.

This is facebook ad, it have nothing to do with mopub ad, facebook rendering it like that and nothing have been changed related to it. It’s the facebook SDK, nothing can be done.

But with, admob bidding, it work good like 210px. I dont know much , its ok if nathing can be done then. Thank you.

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That’s how it’s showing on height 220px on my device, well it depends fully upon Facebook SDK. :+1:

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