How to remove elevation of button

How can I remove border elevation of button

expecting result as below

How to do?

@Winter You Can’t set a button like that as a button has a default property of elevation so instead you can simply use a label for this work set label clickable to true and use its click block

You can refer to this article for more information


if user clicks on label rapidly multiple times then it is missing few clicks, that’s why I prefer button instead of label.

And Why User will Click that Rapidly ?

If user has to past few images by clicking next, he may click at random speed.
anyway I will use labels as of now.

You can use cardview full clickable property with elevation of card set to 0

But still the button will be shown elevated :face_with_monocle:

Just use label inside card, don’t use button

Yes this is perfect​:love_you_gesture:

Why not try @VSATISH13 MakeViewUp extension -

You can set the elevation to 0.

ButtonElevation.aia (12.2 KB)

I tested it. It works perfectly. :blush:

Result will be like this -


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