How to open pdf file inside the app

I made an offline apps and I have 20-30 pdf file in kb size… but when I used web view to open them it’s doesn’t work…

Is there any extensions or blocks to open pdf file inside the app…?


Check this.

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i used following…

and its give following output



this work…

but not completely…pdf taking time to load, files are blurry and colored also…

my pdf size around 300kb with 14-16 pages.

my device has android v12


by the how to use following blocks

when i input the value(startpage, endpage) its show me popup message “invalid index” and when i enter 0 in both (startPage, endPage) its show me folllowing output

my pdf extension offers a property Quality for that… App Inventor Extensions: Pdf | Pura Vida Apps

Set the quality in dpi to render the pdf page. Default is 72 dpi.

usually the index starts with 1…

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i already said value 1 is not working

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how to get this extension…

Please read the large green box on the bottom of my webpage


Post the aia (or better a small test aia).

PDFOpen.aia (387.0 KB)

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yeah, this is work but pdf are blurry not high quality and background color is different from default(color).

Try this one:

You can use “In app pdf viewer” extension created by deep host it’s working fine and you can load pdf direct from your app assests I’m using that extension in one of my Pdf app

thanks, but how to get thie extension…?

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Just search in Play store " Deep Host Extension" app download it and there you will find " In app pdf viewer Extension"


i’ll back