How to open a link using Activity Starter in Specific browser (chrome only)?

In my app i want to open a link in a specific browser, When a user tap button it should open a link in specific browser (chrome only)?.

I am using

Activity Starter : android.intent.action.VIEW

it shows all available browsers

It should not show all available browser, it should directly open specific browser.

If browser is not installed it should take user to play store to download that browser.

How to open Chrome browser app using Activity Starter

i tried this but receiving Error: 601 no Corresponding activity was found.

extension dev can help you i don’t have time to create it now

Try this

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I tried this but same error ( Error: 601 no Corresponding activity was found)

because of a spelling mistake see in activityClass instead of chrome you wrote chtome


thanks Mr. @Aarush_Kumar :slightly_smiling_face:

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your welcome @AllDownload_World !

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