How to moving from screen layer 4 to layer 1 without adding New Layer?

How to close multiple layer at once? i need to move from layer 4 to layer 1

@Roland_Candra What do you mean by layer? a screen or arrangement or anything else?

if you use “open another screen” blocks it will put 1 Layer

if you use “open another screen” blocks it Will put 1

@iaditya_nanda , i guess he’s talking about the arrangements

@Horizon as A protron, i expect you guys already know about how screen Layer works

I have been working as a Android developer (Java, Dart and many more) from last 3 years and have worked with so many technologies, the point of concern is that we are not getting that what exactly you wanted to ask.
You should give all the information about your query and specifically reference to the builder’s designer view or Blocks screen

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@Roland_Candra Well, maybe you can use open another screen with start value and specify the number you need in startValue, then when initializing the other screen you create a conditional statement to determine which layer should be shown depending on the previous startValue got, makes sense?

Anyway. keep in mind that if your native language is not English, there could be a translation error that might make it difficult for everyone to understand, so that’s why it’s recommended that you explain your problem in as much detail as possible.

@Horizon what is the difference between “Open Another Screen” and “Close Screen”? In your definition

@Mark I think there is no specific block to set the position of the layer to be opened, it runs automatically when we use the “Open Another Screen” (layer +1) and “Close Screen” (layer -1)


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That’s how it seems to be.

What are we talking about here? Clarify your question and show your blocks instead of making any misleading statements here.


Hey @Roland_Candra, do you happen to know the significance of activities and screens in an Android app? Essentially, in the realm of app navigation, when you open a new screen (or activity), it’s crucial to close the previous one to optimize memory usage and ensure a smooth user experience. That’s where the “close screen” block comes into play.

Imagine your app consists of multiple screens. To transition from the first to the second or third screen, you’d utilize the “open another screen” block. However, it’s important to note that once you’re on a subsequent screen, if you wish to return to a previous one, you’ll exclusively rely on the “close screen” block. This dynamic navigation flow is fundamental to crafting seamless app experiences on the Android platform.

@iaditya_nanda But unfortunately the “Close Screen” block can only close 1 screen, how can I make it close several screens at once?

@Roland_Candra you should see this guide by @Anke
This will help you understand proper screen switching

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