How to move textbox in Image

Something like this

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It work
so i add textbox in screen
but companion start crashing & close when type something in keyboard


AIA file
demo.aia (64.3 KB)

Show your blocks.

i give aia file above

sorry it’s my little mistake
i fix it

Thank you for giving me the extension

We don’t have time to download, open and check every posted AIA in all forums (AI2, Niotron, Kodular,…)…

Therefore ALWAYS post the (relevant) blocks.

Ok I understand
I don’t do it again :pensive:

when i increse the size of the label the previous place of label also increase
also if possible i want that the label should be in the middle of the photo

somebody give me guidance what to do ? its already been 4 days and i cant make any progress on my project

Post the aia or better a small test aia.

here i created a demo aia
demo.aia (270.7 KB)

  1. Update the extension (to the current version).

  2. After repositioning the Label center it in the RepositioningTools.Dragged event by using my extension GetMetrics (GetMetrics.Density method).