How to measure a value is going up or down?

Is there any block or tool to measure the data I receive
for example, I receive data: 8776
but it changes every sec. and I want to show it in progress bar. the value goes higher or lower.
So how can I do that?

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V can you provide more information on this so that it is more clear that what data is there and how it can be updated

If I am getting value: for example, 1896, 1898, 1899, 1835, 1831, its changing in every sec, I want to display this rising and decreasing value in a progress bar.
EG: =========50%=========
50 % is the starting point .

(1) the issue is that if i use the data directly as progress bar use data o to 100.
(2) My starting point sud be 50%. as point increase from 50% to 100% 1 point to Ravi, If from 50% to
0% Rohit 1 point.

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V Well first I don’t know if what I’m going to explain makes sense because I’m not sure what you need either, but I’ll try to explain myself.

If you want to use the Linear Progressbar component, you must know the maximum number that can be reached, that is, the 100%. Just to give an example, let’s say 5000 is the maximum number, so if you want to always start from 50% then it would be half, so in the component you can set Max=5000 and Progress=2500. That way it will start from 50%.

That would be the base, in the part where it’s established that the variable changes the value add a block like this: [see image]

Obviously the blocks are just to give an idea, you would have to adapt it to your project for it to work and then reset the progressbar again, but does all that make sense?

no not like that, actually I’m receiving crypto data, and it will never go zero, it go little up down, so if crypto price is , 18073, if it go 50 point down also or 80 point, down progress bar should go, 50% to zero%, if point go 1873 to 50 or 80 point higher linear bar should go 50 to 100 %, that will work perfect for me.

I think that’s not that easy!

Well it still sounds a bit confusing to me, but I’ll try to rephrase it to see if I’m right. Let’s say the crypto price is 18073, if it goes up to 80 (that is, 18153) the progress bar should go to 100%, and if instead of 80 it goes up to 65 the progress bar would be 75%, is that correct? Or can it only go up to 50 or 80?

I’m sorry if nothing I say makes sense hahahs :man_facepalming:

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Yes you are right it should work like that