How to make this

Build bio data maker app in niotron.

example: Resume maker , Biodata maker ,

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Have you tried anything … means any logic or blocks … because such apps are too easy .

this app is not easy

because you convert text into image

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You can use extension to do such task … or ask any developer to make such extension for you …

I have no idea what is a biodata maker. Do you have any example?

This is a very hard mission normally. Even with a big budget normally it is hard to find developers available to create extensions. Most don’t accept the job or keep us waiting for weeks before giving up

Some free extensions.
@Firoj_Multane & @Pablo_Almeida

data maker = create pdf and image from components? I would never guess :sweat_smile:

Read such lines @Pablo_Almeida what actually his problem is …

& how to save in gallery and share

need examples see the app :

First try yourself … or you can hire a developer …

u now any developer’s

Post your demand with your budget … Interested developer will message you …

thanks i posting

Create image from text is not difficult at all.
You didn’t explain exactly how you want to do this so it is not possible to help you with this. But I my self have an app with this purpose. It generates about 10 images per second using a list of phrases.

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He didn’t tried anything. first let him try something.

Topic: “How to make this:upside_down_face: :question: :woman_shrugging:

See here: