How to make a switch to disable app for users

I wish to create a technique using which I should be able to make downloaded app unusable.
I have done same on kodular using spreadsheet, but don’t know how to do it here.

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why would you want to make the app unavailable for the users? I can’t imagine one situation that it would be necessary.

@Anke i know if question is reaping then this was an issue but if we change our mind like a alternative way example when any use ask any questions or any help if salutation is already available then just post the solution link .

Benefit is we save our time and use will free to ask.

I saw in community when any user asked repeat question we got this type answer. I think this type answer or link take time to share or reply.

Don’t mind this is just my suggestions.

If we promote and encourage then new user can’t hesitate for ask questions.

Thank you.


I host on other people’s account. Sometimes there accounts get banned and ads disappear. The only way to get revenue is to make those people download app again

I have no idea what it’s actually about.

Is it really asking too much to ask a clear and precise question and explain exactly the purpose/goal?

To get help faster, the user should follow what was suggested: search, show blocks, explain what you want to do…:+1:

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Then the app doesn’t need to be disabled. You should have explained what you want better from the beginning, as said by others.
This is what you must do; In scree1 initialize block, check if the app is updated, or whatever situation you want to check. If yes, initialize the app normally. Else, redirect the user to screen2 where the app will say “you must download / update the app again. Click here to download now”
PS: If I understood correctly your app is not following the rules of the ad network you are using. Instead force the user to download the app everytime and lose the money you made when you are banned, use an ad network that allow whatever your app is about.

But new (and old) users MUST hesitate before asking questions. They can’t be shy when they think their question is stupid or worry that people will think they are dumb for asking this, but people can’t just ask a question that was answered douzens of times before or request the solution for a problem that it is impossible to understand.

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i am facing issue with Spreadsheet. Actual i wish to add switch functionality to my app, so that i can enable or disable app. Here are my blocks. tell me where i am going wrong

Here is spreadsheet screnshot

Script -


How to achieve this practically? Always remember, i need to do this as and when required.

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I use Facebook ads only, it’s their policy to stop serving ads as soon as app gets removed from playstore.