How to load asynchronous image loader using recyclerview

Please help me. I am trying and testing more blocks in niotron for loading image view using asynchronous loader but I am faild to set blocks. Please help me how to load image using asynchronous image loader. Please it’s orgent for me. Don’t tag people to get attention (Notice by Mod)

Processing: IMG20220414223936-min.jpg…

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First of all don’t tag someone in your main post.
And also please post your block. cuz your image now working :point_down:

Please see the block and then me right block. Please

You are using wrong blocks. Please wait…

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Use this blocks

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Bro image call from airtable database, so can I use select list item block. It’s necessary

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I know,

Yes, you can use.

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is your problem solved ?

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Yes bro. My problem is soved

Then, Please mark your questions answer as solution.

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Mark this.

Not this.

I have corrected it @Avijit

Thanks dear @Horizon

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