How to import libraries from the helpers directory through the IDE?

I usually develop AIX extensions directly through the Linux terminal. Sometimes I need to divide the extension for organizational reasons. From MIT source. App Inventor can import the helper libraries directly from the helpers directory. How to import auxiliary .Java files through the IDE?

I have left extension building from a long time but I think you should try using Rush instead of MIT sources, you can search for it on Google, rest depends on you

Thanks! I’m switching to Rush. But in relation to Niotron’s IDE?

Hello @Passos_0213, at this moment you can’t add helper blocks using Niotron IDE and Rush.

You can use extension-template repository to add helper blocks into your extensions ↓

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Thank you!

You’re welcome :rose:

Do you know how to configure ProGuard and other security settings when using the extension-template?

I found: ant extensions -Dproguard=1

Can you provide more useful settings?

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