How to highlight RecyclerView item Position to current date?

Hello Respected All,

I want to Highlight RecyclerView Item position to colour with current date ex:- Supposed today 19 Mar, I’m highlight the date in Recyclerview item position every day…

Like this.

If are possible then please help me with my aia.

test.aia (10.5 KB)

Please help me
Thank you :heart:

try like this

Working…! :heart:
It’s working with position…

But some month like this!! (All month are not equal :cry:)

27 and 28 date is already on this calendar, then position is + 2 then highlight not work on proper date… (Highlight on 21)
Please help meee :heart:

Just use get position… don’t worry about that… if you generate buttons according to the month then this logic will work perfectly.

You can use one of my extension from kodular

Regarding date

Any block? Or any solution

Extension name?

Can i send you my Project Aia, Can yo do for me? Request sir :cry::cry: