How to get random data from airtable

when i refresh , i want to get random data from same airtable.
Suppose we have airtable which is contained video when user will swipe the screen it will get random Urls from same database.

share solution with block

How much have you tried yet ? and did you know the length of the list of url’s in airtable ?

can we change airtable API KEY & BASE ID dynamically. after build the app.

@Bharat_Android_App lot of

yes , you can change all from app

from which app , user app or admin app.

my app on playstore , now without any update on playstore . i want to change airtable database.

plz explain how we can change the API KEY & BASE ID dynamically

First you’ll need to update once to add below blocks -

Then in user app

Component needed -

Firebase Database
Firebase Core

After when you change data in firebase , will changed in user app.

Also there are many different and easy methods but I think this will connect you with the logic of fb and airtable :slightly_smiling_face:

How you should manage fb -

where i get base id of firebase

i found api key and url but didn’t get BASE ID

please tell me where this is

No firebase BASE ID

@Bharat_Android_App wants you to understand that
Enter your airtable BASE ID here

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This can help you

Yes everything in the firebase db is the data of airtable , fb data will be in user app

at place of API KEY there is firebase API ?


waiting for reply , api key and url block where place it

bhai ye bangali language me hai mujhe samjh me nahi aati