How to get json data in custom cardview

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how to get json data in custom cardview

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Please share a example JSON file.

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Give a text file.

@bitline_importexport try this app and tell me if this works for you

Json_text_t.apk (4.9 MB)

good work but we want list in custom card view formats.

  • we have created a custom design, so we want to load data in card view formats.

Json_text_t.aia (83.8 KB)

  • check in 3rd number (test) screen - display data in custom card view formate & his output on 2nd (scr2) screen.

Use my aia and add the same thing to your aia :upside_down_face:

Json_text_t.aia (78.4 KB)

thanks @iAditya-Nanda
we have create custom card view not in list view (The style of the list view is fixed, but there are more options for displaying data in the card view.)

so please help me regard this.

Try this

demo.aia (102.4 KB)

Thanks bro @Avijit

here is the aia that was a just a prank
Json_text_t.aia (83.6 KB)

Is your problem solved?

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