How to get device imei

Anyone share block to get imei of the device?

And any componet for face detection??
Means i want to make an app with face detection attendance app…

We will try to ad soon

As of now, no

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Write *#06# on dial pad you got IMEI number.

Disadvantages of using IMEI as Unique Device ID:

  • IMEI is dependent on the Simcard slot of the device, so it is not possible to get the IMEI for the devices that do not use Simcard. In Dual sim devices, we get 2 different IMEIs for the same device as it has 2 slots for simcard.

You can Use The WLAN MAC Address string (Not Recommended For Marshmallow and Marshmallow+ as WLAN MAC Address has been deprecated on Marshmallow forward. So you’ll get a bogus value)

We can get the Unique ID for android phones using the WLAN MAC address also. The MAC address is unique for all devices and it works for all kinds of devices.

Advantages of using WLAN MAC address as Device ID:

  • It is unique identifier for all type of devices (smart phones and tablets).
  • It remains unique if the application is reinstalled

Basically, you can’t.
The MAC address is not broadcast beyond the LAN the device is connected to - it never leaves the router and passes to the server.

In theory you can get it in Javascript since that runs on the Client, but it’s not going to work except in exceptional circumstances: you need to use an ActiveX control to get the MAC, and they only run under IE, and most systems default to “don’t run ActiveX controls” to prevent all sorts of security problems.

If you want to use the MAC for identification, then don’t bother - it won’t do what you want most of the time, and it is spectacularly simple to spoof. And there is also the fun that they aren’t necessarily unique - just unique within the LAN segment…

What is DeviceID then? And how it works?

Seen a lot of Extension claiming it in order to use for uniqueness.

A Device ID is a string of numbers and letters that identifies every individual smartphone or tablet in the world. It is stored on the mobile device and can be retrieved by any app that is downloaded and installed. Apps typically retrieve the ID for identification when talking to servers.

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So it’s unique…Right?

Yes Device ID is unique

Then is IMEI so important regarding uniqueness? No…I don’t think so.

Ok… Also try to implement face detection