How to get cloudinary image link

after uploading image from App to Cloudinary
I need the app will automatically add the image link in airtable database

Thank you

Not Possible At this time Niotron only upload available

:cry: any other option/ extension?

Only one Extension Available

I tried using this extension for upload
But companion close / crash

Use firebase storage wait aia send you 4pm

Thank you :blush:

@Souvik please add this feature ASAP thanks you

send me demo aia thank you



Can you send me screenshot of firebase api location I can’t find it

Search on YouTube

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:rofl: well I tried few hours ago they use google-service file download and upload on assets
But for me it not work I get error notification :pensive:

Remove on url. gs://

Where is api key ?

are you mad

Check all images & setup your firebase

Read All Documentation

Bro I only ask where is api key
You send all images except api key
Like storage bucket and rules

Thanks for this :pray:

Possible with built in niotron cloudinary component, need some attention to get url of image…

tell me how ? isit possible

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