How to Get and Update specific Cell value in google spreadsheet?

Can any one here please guide me how to Get or update Cell data in google spreadsheet.
please help somebody…!!!

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You can use Google spreadsheet extension

yes i get that much but i dont know how to use it can you please help me how to link my app with my spreadsheet please

You 1st have to generate API Endpoint, and then you can use the spreadsheet component to CRUD data. Here are two tutorial videos on this component.

1. How to generate API Endpoint

2. How to CRUD data

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I have followed tutorial, but my sheet is not working. Also, I clicked on test link, that gave error too. Which details shall I submit?

What error you are getting? Did you shate yhe sheet with minimum viewer permission?

i am facing issue with Spreadsheet. Actual i wish to add switch functionality to my app, so that i can enable or disable app. Here are my blocks. tell me where i am going wrong

Here is spreadsheet screnshot

Script -


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