How to get a single data in spreadsheet and Set it to a Label

Can anyone help me how to set a Data in a spreadsheet to a Label. In my pictures I want to set Germany to the country_name Label…Please show/provide blocks…Thanks a lot guys

can anyone help me please

you want it online integration like database or a asset excel? use Airtable if you want online.

As I understand you want to show icon of flag of respective country of users which written in their row

like if your third number user open app then you want to show Germany flag.

Am I right ???

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To get single cell data, use this block by entering your row number and column name.


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thank you for the reply sir. How can I set the row number or how can i assign the row number of my users.?

Simply Get all rows of column email then use get index block.

If you know basics of ai2 then you may understood what i told.

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i tried sir but not succeeded…please give me blocks…Thanks in advance

There is no block to get All rows sir

Use GetSheet Block of spreadsheet component

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