How To Fix This

Hello Everyone So I Have Build App using Niotron name ( xyz )
so when we open app “we should show Intro Screen ( Splash Screen ) and after that we should
show Menu Screen ( Home Screen )”

But My Problem is after Splash Screen, Screen got blank for 1 sec and then home screen visible.

I am Sharing SS & Video with You

Video -

SS -

Niotron Project SS -

Please Help Me I am Also Sharing apk with with you

apk -
TallwinLife(2).apk (7.5 MB)

Share me your aia to me i will solve it in 2 minutes

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TallwinLife(1).aia (371.7 KB)

Fixed aia file thankyou for giving this aia for fixing the bug
TallwinLife (1).aia (371.8 KB)

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Thank You For Helping me I have changed clock 2000 to 1000 ( and app is working fine on 1000 )
Thanks :pray:

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