How to export aix file on Niotron IDE?

When I made an extension in Niotron IDE and then after download comes in .nix file but Niotron only import .aix


Please anyone help me

No no you don’t have to compile it as nix
You will get compile button in bottom right corner
Will you please show me the screenshot of the page so that I can mark the area by pen
As I am not having my laptop at the moment

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And I have changed the category from #discuss to #ide

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Thanks. I got it

Is it working now
Menas have got the aix file

Yes it is working now.

Then please mark my answer as solution
As other users having the same issue can get the answer

I can’t do

The option has gone

Oh really
@NiotronStaff what will be the issue

@Abhinav_Ranjan don’t click the export button this button gives the nix file

Instead click this


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Ok thanks

Have you got now aix file ? If Yes then mark your solution else i will mark :slightly_smiling_face: so that other can also get solution for there solution and I have changed the title


I got it

Mark as solution because me not having the button.

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Done @Abhinav_Ranjan

oh yes now the solution button is coming

Don’t use CAPS for full sentence as it is regarded as Shouting :slightly_smiling_face:


I understood

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