How To Download image from url

Hi There,

please explain me that how can i download image to user device like in gallary or in download folder.

whats wrong in my blocks

i have getting this error!

i want to download image from this type url -

enable storage permission read or write, and use/download/folder name and use empty text in name ,again set file name after download button

Android version?
On Android 11+ you can no longer download to the root directory of the external storage.
Search the forum (eg for “Some basics on Android storage”. See also here:

In which android version are you trying? If it is in android 11 or later, you will have to use the default folders.

There are no default folders. He must download to /Documents or /Download or the ASD (on Android 11+).


Yes, that’s what I meant as default folders :sweat_smile:
I forgot ASD name but around here we say like that about /Documents and /Download
Only now that you answered that I thought that it probably isn’t the international way to say :joy:

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Well, then there would be different “default folders” for media and non-media files.
Therefore, one should always speak of “Shared folders”.


@Dj_Alok do these corrections

The Downloader component needs / uses a relative path:

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