How to download a file in App by using download component

i want to download
media( video,image,pdf,music,apk,) in my app
but i dont know how to create downloadable link
and how to use download component

please help me
AIA OR APK(if Any)

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where i get extendedwebviewer extension

@deepak661 Get it from this website by @Taifun

@Ridoy1 Have you tested your app (blocks) on Android 11+ (and also on e.g. Android 5)?

This extension is from 2017 and most likely not suitable for Android’s “Scoped Storage” (Android 11+).

Search the forum and show what you have tried so far (your blocks).

this extention updated few month ago, but download should work in default component… no problem

Post a link to it.

I have my doubts about that …
I, or at least @Taifun should know about it.

@Ridoy1 What does this extension (CustomWebView) have to do with the → extended-web-viewer extension? :upside_down_face:

both works the same things

First, that’s not the question here, and second, that’s not true.