How To Create Professional Web Viewer?

I am working on an amazing app but i want to create Professional Web Viewer like if user use the web viewer than it feel like he is using amazing application i know to create web viewer page and show site with the link but i want Next Level Web Viewer For user satisfaction.

That is upto you how you design and develope the ui and icons

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ok i will give up example of my in app i have created some button but my app looks good button example - Login , Signup , Privacy & Policy , Home , Wallet , Help etc.

But Problem is if i use normally web viewer it work ok - ok but i will have problem in data i mean don’t want to save any date on server i want to save data on the app example google chrome , If user Login his id with my app in website but when he come to app dashboard and than click on Home he will go to website and show the maybe login or signup page " in short - i want that if user have already login than he will close and do want he want but when he open app and click on Home button he should go on website Home page and this page shows after login but after 1 Time login i want to skip this page !!!

@RK_Jarvis_Gaming Store the cookies to do so


store the cookies example ?

What are you using? Webviewer or custom webview

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now i am using normal web viewer

Use the custom webview extension you can save cookies with them


where i can find custom web viewer ?

You always can search for extensions in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps