How to create Login System using firebase authentication

Hello Guys my Name is Rajeev & i am new in niotron i have Created a app for testing and i have created Sign up page in my app using firebase and it work perfectly also it store my data on firebase data base but problem in login System i don’t know how to make Login System using firebase authentication

here is photos & aia But please Help how can i create a good login System ?

Aia File -
Login_Signup (2).aia (20.7 KB)

Checkout this tutorial by @im_neodeveloper

Maybe this can help you


Not working

I have a question about the Client ID,

Just like API Keys, I suppose experienced hackers can easily learn it. Can they do something and should we use different encryption, than just a simple obfuscated component

how to make advance search bar link one time in how add mulitpl filiter like name, age , place, DOB, etc please gudie as will as make video on this topics