How to Check App Is Responsive Or Not?

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how can I check an app responsive is Not

As we all know that Android OS comes with different sizes of devices, so if we need to know how our app looks in other devices, then it would be good.

If Any One Know Any website Or Anything Else About It Then Please Reply On This Post It Will Be Help All Of Us

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Do you want a tool that check the design of the app in different screen sizes, right?
I never heard of something like this but if you find out please update your topic with this information. This would be veeeery helpful.

Actually, I Am Searching For a Website Or Software That CanTest Our App
I Also Search On Google About That But I Only Find websites That are only testing Web site Responsive testing Not For Apk

You Can Set This Topic On Watching If You Want To Check the Progress Of this Topic

This is exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find. It would be totally perfect if we could see this and adjust it according to the device.

What about using an emulator? For example Genymotion… see also


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To get reliable results, you definitely need to test on real devices. You can also use the Google Play Developer console “Pre-Launch report”, which creates screenshots of all tested screens of the app on 5-7 different devices (and Android versions) and displays them in the Pre-Launch report. I have been using this option for all my apps for many years.

By the way, the same applies to iOS, but there the emulator (simulator) is much better than Android.


First of All Thankyou So much On Reply On this Topic

Can You Suggest Some emulators For Windows Here Like I Have Bluestack But It only shows App one Type Of Devices

As I said:

and / or use

Read the FAQ from my latest answer

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The best way to make any app responsive is to design it for the smallest screen that is currently on the market; if it functions flawlessly on that screen, there won’t be any problems with it on larger screens.

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What Do You think can we archiv that type of responsive App?

Adjusting this is not possible in my opinion. Because the application made with drag and drop is not made in the scripting language

Yes I know that but I Just Want To Test My App On different devices

This idea is stuck in my mind, I think if we resize it with % on the smallest screen, it will be successful on all devices.

I found Some Website For testing Android App Online

Website 1

Website 2

For clarification:
I’ve made well over 1000 updates to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store over the past 10 years. And I know from bad experience that you can’t rely on virtual devices (emulators). You have to test it on REAL devices and also with different Font sizes and Display sizes in the device Settings.

For example

Pixel 4XL - Android 12:

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Are all your apps made with drag & drop like Niotron ?

But Is not Possible buy every Brand And There

No, my iOS apps were built with Xcode and Swift. But my Android apps were all built with AI2 or one of its distros.


Of course not. That’s why I have 19 Android test devices (mobile phones & tablets) from different manufacturers with different Android versions (4.x, 5.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9, 10, 11, 12 , 13), display sizes, resolutions etc. And the same for iOS.