How to buy subscription of nitoron?

sorry to say but i could not found any buying option in or Fixale Payments .
so how to buy subscription of nitoron?

You can buy Subscription from the builder itself. We’ve integrated it into the builder to make it easier.

@abhijith i didn’t found that, can you please give screenshot plzz

Are you talking about the main builder or the beta server? The Main Builder is free to use until the update

@abhijith Yes, I am talking about the main builder. But it has a problem: without a subscription, if I export an apk and the project has a monitization component, then when I am trying to install the app, the installer says, “There was a problem parsing the package”.
But in the same project, when I export without any monitization component, it installs successfully.

  • Also, I have a question: when will the update come to the main builder?

Probably Today.

What Components are you using? We’ve fixed a lot of bugs in the coming update.

Startapp Core, Banner & Interstitial.

I am also unable to subscribe for monetization. There is no button to subscribe in Builder. kindly send the link

There is not any button of “Upgrade Plan” when I open the builder.