How to add Admob intertital banner?

Hello friend,

I’m making an app in which in want to show intertital ads on app launch and on button click, but I don’t know how can do that because I recently join this community and it is totally different platform for me even after reading about blocking system it’s still very confusing and I can’t find certain blocks. So please help me out here.

First thing first, you will need to buy package to get access to monetization section.

Once you are ready, try :

PS - Showing Ads on Screen Initialization is a bad idea.

May I know why showing ads in app launch is a bad Idea?

User just opened app and you showing ads, it’s not good for user experience.



Wow! Methods are bit different in Niotron! I didn’t know that since I don’t have a package.

It’s great to see Load & Show event together. Doing this, Niotron actually helping Coders complying with few AdMob rules. (i.e : Now coders wil not be able to stock ads). Good job :+1:t2:


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