How much blocks we have to use in one screen

Sometimes I use virtual screens so that the number of screens is less. But I found other issues that when I go with virtual screen then there are too many blocks in one screen. is there any problem with this?

How many blocks is it good to have in one screen?

Depends on the specifications of your PC Your PC has high specifications You can use 1k - 2k blocks in one screen without any problem otherwise use 500 blocks in one screen.

i used 1.5k blocks in one screen with no problem

Maximum 2000 blocks not more than that but from my experience 1500 blocks are enough one screen for smooth performance

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btw how to know number of blocks in a screen?

Right click on your mouse and see a popup and go to → Delete (block number) Blocks

here you found

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yeah… but how to know total blocks in a screen… is there any option of select all?

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