How do you make user to be instantly redirected to Home Page, after registering with Google Sign In

If you are using Google Sign In and once a new user register, how do you save the login info, so next time when same user opens the app, to be instantly redirected to Home Page, not again in register screen. ?

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@MakeMoneyOnline Can you more explanation, Exactly what do you want.

Problem in savings login info, or
Problem in redirecting user when he open app second time.

Do you want redirecting process, when once user installed the app or after uninstalling app and reinstall same app on second time. ( This thing is important )

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When user quit and open app again his login info to be saved

Bro are you using firebase auth for Google login?

Yes, we are using Firebase

Bro use Google signin success block for save login info.
You can use tiny DB for save data for checking user registered or not. If registered than redirect home page, If not than redirect login screen.

You can check this tutorial for Google login

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