How do I log out of Extensions IDE?

For some reason I switch accounts to make extensions in Niotron IDE. I mainly use my A account for making extensions, but once I got into the Extensions IDE with my B account.

The next time I logged in to the Extensions IDE, the B account was still there. I tried to log out of my B account by logging out of Niotron - I even tried to log out of Google. However, despite the efforts I tried, the B account is still there.

Can the staff make a feature so that extension developers can log out of the extensions IDE?

@Gordon_Lu Nice to see you here If you want to log out of you Niotron IDE Then log out of

That is exactly what I did in the topic. For some reason, the IDE still has that B account.

ok means if you go directly to IDE the it’s already login even when you logged out

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