How can i use bottom navigation blocks?

I want to use bottom navigation but i can’t achieve it ,
How can i set up of bottom navigation blocks
I want this type of bottom navigation
As i click on a button of bottom navigation then a vertical arrangements visible and then i click on another button of bottom navigation then another vertical arrangement is visible and first is visible to false
Please :pray: help

Try this animation botttom navigation bar

remember it doesn’t work with companion but work after building app

Also look this ( without extension)

After making the design
In blocks

Drag a procedure
Do Vertical (V) arrangement 1 false
V arrange 2 false
V arrange x false

When button 1 click
Call procedure
V arrange 1 true

When button 2 click
Call procedure
V arrange 2 true

When button x click
Call procedure
V arrange x true

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But how can i download it please tell me

Just open the link and read carefully you understand
If don’t, tell me which one you want to implement
First or second one ?

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I want the first extension

Open the link
Scroll down little bit

GitHub ( click ) open get code it start download aix file

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I already done it and i also uploaded the aix file in niotron as like a extension
And then i started using it but in designer section there is no any option for editing for the extension and then i have gone in the block section but I can’t understand the blocks of bottom navigation extension .can you explain me please

In design all you need is horizontal arrangement

In blocks
when screen intialize
Bottom bar create view - Horizontal arrangement
Add tab icon. Home.png (assets)
Title. Home
Id. 1

Add tab icon. Heart.png (assets)
Title. Favorite
Id. 2

So on

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Thankyou I have completed this blocks now what is the next step for bottom navigation

Use block
Bottom bar tab select
If (use logic ) I’d = 1 (alloted in tab home)
Then home visible true
Fav visible false
Else if I’d = 2 ( heart)
Then fav visible true
Home visible false

Build the app and enjoy

Can you send me a picture of the blocks I can’t understand by txt
Please :pray:


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in procedure last block select tab is optional
if you do, when app open home ( index 1 ) is selected by default
if not then nothing selected on app open

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