How can i use 2 buttom event at the same time?

I wan to use 2 buttom function at the same time one for going up one for go right.
This is for my game project. so that the character can fly up + right.


@Bharat_Android_App, I think it’s not possible with TouchZ

May be new extension needed.

I hope that could be but I’ve test :wink:

If I’m not wrong @MJ_BUNNY_T.V I thought you want multiclick on buttons / components probably at a same time am I right ??

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Is it working ???

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Here is a guide to make Joystick

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But i cant put canvas in a canvas…still i will find a way.

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Overlay canvas on your main canvas.

How i dint understand?

I am busy right now. I will send you a demo aia after some time.

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Try this.

demo.aia (47.7 KB)

Its not working, i cunt understant how to make, i try to create currnt x / y + 1 = nathing

You can use a simple logic that, add a new button and then set on click method in which you’ll do the work done by up and right buttons

I have create it , it work like pro. It was tuft to understand but at last after 3 hr. create a working one for a sprit.

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