How Can I Enable Download In Webview!

Hi, I Am Abhinav Please Help Me To Solve This Problem! How Can I Enable Downloads In Webview Please Help Me With Blocks Images Or Solutions! Thanks Team Niotron & You Guys!

Downloading files directly from web-view is not possible yet. However, you can use the DownloadRequested block available in the web-view to get the download URL and then download the file from the download URL using the Downloader Component available in Niotron. Hope you have understood. If not, reply and I will share the block pics with you.

If you can kindly share the block pics it will be really helpful.

Please share the block pic

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try using this way



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I have tried your Method as we as [iAditya-Nanda] method both are not working

My block on screen 1

My block on screen 2

Any solution?