How can i delete a screen

I have created 3 screens and i want to delete one that is first screen and when i am trying to delete the first screen the delete button not working but when i do same thing in 2 and 3 screens it is working properly

please help:pray:

Hello @Alfez_Mansuri ,
Welcome to Niotron,
See it’s not possible to delete Screen1, in any way, either you can edit it according to your Screen2 or you can do one thing that when it’s(Screen1) is initialised then open other screen which is Screen2 or something else

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Is there any way to copy the screen 2 data and paste in screen 1

Yes ofcourse, you can create it from scratch

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But i am asking that any copy paste method

There’s one way to copy paste the blocks but then you need to design the designer screen according to the Screen2

You can copy the blocks of Screen2 to Bag and then you can paste them in Screen2

I don’t know any other method for this especially

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