How can i accept shared images

Kodular has an option to receive photos and videos shared from other apps. How to receive files in niotron?

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I guess for now it’s not possible for now in Niotron, maybe you can try with some extension

I searched a lot and didn’t find any extension, can you please help

I don’t know any of it, once i too tried for it, but never got

is there any option to use this

See now i have stopped building extensions, i do it sometimes for time pass, maybe someone other can tell you about this more better than me, so let’s see!

Can you please guide me to do it ?

There is no option in niotron to receive shared images from other app, I have approached many people to make an extension for it, but no one helped me, I am trying to do it myself, can someone help me, I don’t know java programming, so I have been trying for several days. This is reference from android documentation
This is my code :point_down:

package com.imagereceivefromapp.shaf.rchdd;

import android.content.Context;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.content.Intent;

        version = 1,
        description = "asdf",
        category = ComponentCategory.EXTENSION,
        nonVisible = true,
        iconName = "")
  activities = {@ActivityElement(intentFilters = {@IntentFilterElement(actionElements = {@ActionElement(name = "android.intent.action.SEND")} , 
  categoryElements = {@CategoryElement(name = "android.intent.category.DEFAULT")},
  dataElements = {@DataElement(mimeType="image/*")})} , 

@SimpleObject(external = true)

public class imageShareReceive extends AndroidNonvisibleComponent {

    public imageShareReceive(ComponentContainer container){
    public static class DeepActivity extends Activity{
     protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {

      Intent intent = getIntent();
      String action = intent.getAction();
      String type = intent.getType();
       if (Intent.ACTION_SEND.equals(action) && type != null) {
       if (type.startsWith("image/")) {

      }// create close
      void handleSendImage(Intent intent) {
    Uri uri = (Uri) intent.getParcelableExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM);
    if (uri != null) {
        if (uri != null){
		PackageManager packageManager = getPackageManager();
        	Intent intentValue = packageManager.getLaunchIntentForPackage(getPackageName());
		intentValue.putExtra("APP_INVENTOR_START",'"'+ uri.toString() +'"');

The way of decleration of class is wrong, it should be in UpperCamelCase

Okay , now i can share image from other app but the app automatically close

Try this :point_up_2::point_up_2:

Share some video

First, I don’t really support private support questions, because my time is limited. Also, posting in the community publicly helps people to learn. Next time please don’t message me if you have a question…post it to the community and I will have a look, unless if it is urgent.

Second, such extension is already available in the App Inventor community. Courtesy @Sunny_Gupta.

@Taifun Tagged you. Can you add this to the extensions directory? Thanks.

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